2015 Annual Gathering, 26 September, Moelyci, Bangor


Main programme starts 11am and finishes 6.30pm, followed by dinner and further offerings. Free Admission.
Bring lunch to share, with evening meal available at cost price. Camping spaces available. List of local places to stay: Accommodation List 2015

A celebration of all things OPD, a look back at what we have achieved over the last year, and a look forward to plans and pathways for the coming year.









11.00 Site tour A – the Moelyci vision
12.00 What has the OPC achieved so far? Brief update for 2015
12.30 Lunch – bring and share
Informal World Cafe session over lunch
14.00 Finding people and finding land
15.00 Site tour B – Housing at Moelyci
16.00 in the marquee: Taking OPD Further – One Planet Zones, Edge of Settlement
16.00 in the barn: Q+A on how to write an OPD Management Plan (James Shorten)
17.00 What should the OPC do next? (group discussion)
18.30 Evening meal (charged at cost)
After dinner: Bat detectors (Sam), Dark skies (Ian), music (bring your own instruments), and merriment
Sunday morning – potential for a wildlife walk, or visit to other nearby projects


Register your interest here: https://www.facebook.com/events/423238451194566/

Directions to Moelyci: Moelyci Directions
Read more about Moelyci here: http://www.moelyci.org/about-us/
Moelyci Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Moelyci