Ways You Can Support


As a 100% voluntary body we rely solely on the input and goodwill of the individuals who take part. We welcome any supportive contributions, e.g., Attending a monthly meeting or a larger gathering; Spreading the word to friends or by putting on an event; Offering suitable land for sale to applicants.

If you can assist please get in touch. We need to raise funds to take our work to the next stage. These funds are specifically required to cover the costs of the following:

  • Printing of further copies of the report: ‘Review of One Planet Development in Wales 2010 – 2021’¬† to send to other Assembly Members and Planning Departments across Wales.
  • Putting on further events in other places to disseminate the findings of the report and invite engagement from other stakeholders such as planning committees, planning strategy and policy officers, or local councils beyond Wales who would like to implement similar local policies.
  • Administration support
  • Translate the English version website into a Welsh language version.
  • Promotional materials.