Rhiw Las to appeal against refusal


An application for a 4-unit One Planet Development at Rhiw Las, near Whitland, was today turned down by the Carmarthenshire Planning Committee, going against the officer’s recommendation for approval. This was the first One Planet Development application in Carmarthenshire with more expected soon.

Whilst this is clearly disappointing for the applicants, perhaps most disappointing was the lack of understanding of the policy demonstrated by the Planning Committee. It was clearly evident that most members were not familiar with the One Planet Development policy described in TAN6, the exception it provides for sustainable development in the open countryside, and the evidence from existing sites which demonstrates that the rigorous requirements can be met.

The One Planet Development policy addresses the lack of affordable rural housing in Wales in a sustainable way, as well as helping to conserve and enhance biodiversity and support local businesses. The policy can and will play an important role in regenerating rural Wales.

This is an exemplary application, satisfying all aspects of the One Planet Development policy and recommended for approval by the planning case officer. The applicants will be appealing this decision.

View the full webcast video of the planning committee meeting.
View Rhiw Las’s management plan.