Resources for LPAs


The One Planet Council is an independent body committed to providing a bridge between One Planet Development (OPD) applicants and Local Planning Authorities (LPAs).

OPD applications are complex affairs that cover a wide and unorthodox range of disciplines. Relevant skills (and qualifications) are required in order to competently assess such an application. In the past LPAs have been naturally inclined to approach OPDs using the same planning procedures as agricultural workers dwellings. This has resulted in additional workloads for LPAs and applicants as agri-business assessors may be unfamiliar with the disciplines required for OPD. It has led to numerous misunderstandings and lengthy appeal processes as time and again applicants have been required to educate appointed assessors in aspects such as small scale renewables, permaculture and natural building design.

Thus we have contacted a range of independent specialists who would be willing to work for LPAs to independently assess OPD applications against the OPD Practice Guidance. The consultants listed below all have extensive experience in low-impact development.