Position Statements


The One Planet Council was founded in 2013 to support both applicants and planners, and to liaise with policy makers, landowners and anyone else with an interest in making the policy work for the people of Cymru / Wales. Now seven years on we are publishing a series of statements on a range of topics which directly affect those living on, applying to live on and planning professionals assessing OPDs. The purpose is to provide clarity on areas of the policy where questions keep arising, and to inform discussion. News statements will be added over time.

OPC Position Statement 1:
One Planet Developments: Should not avoid connection to grid electricity (PDF)

OPC Position Statement 2:
One Planet Developments: Provision for illness, incapacity and disability (PDF)

OPC Position Statement 3:
One Planet Developments: Assessing OPD plots for Council Tax banding (PDF)

OPC Position Statement 4:
One Planet Developments: Sale of OPD plots (PDF)

OPC Position Statement 5:
One Planet Developments: Annual Monitoring Reports (PDF)

OPC Position Statement 6:
One Planet Developments: S106 agreements (PDF)