The One Planet Council is an independent voluntary body which enables and promotes One Planet Development.


This forward-thinking planning policy provides a genuinely affordable and sustainable way for people to live and work on their own land, bringing social, economic and environmental benefits. It was adopted by the Welsh government in 2011 as part of its One Wales: One Planet scheme.

One Planet Development is quantified by ecological footprinting, which reveals how much of the Earth’s resources people are consuming. When households reduce their own ecological footprints this helps their country reduce its overall footprint.

The One Planet Council provides a bridge between applicants and local planning authorities, with guidance and tools to support anyone making the transition to this more sustainable way of life. It works also with those who have already made that leap, and with policymakers, academics and landowners.

The aim of the One Plant Council is to enable a broad range of exemplar One Planet Development projects throughout Cymru/Wales, comprised of people from all walks of life. And to see these sites serve as an inspiration to the people of Wales and beyond.