The One Planet Council is an independent voluntary body supporting One Planet Development in Wales and beyond.

We provide a bridge between applicants and local planning authorities, with guidance and tools to support anyone making the transition to this more sustainable way of life. We also work with those who have already made that leap, with policymakers, academics and landowners.

Broadly representative, the council comprises people from all walks of life, including specialists with knowledge and experience in related areas of planning, building, farming, land-management, climate science, self-employment, economics and well-being. Meetings  are held online or in person when conditions permit. All are welcome.

Our aim is:
– To enable a broad range of exemplar One Planet Development projects throughout Wales, comprised of people from all walks of life.
– To see these sites serve as an inspiration to the people of Wales and beyond.

The Welsh Government has committed itself to a more sustainable Wales for current and future generations.