The One Planet Life how-to manual


Cover of The One Planet Life book by David ThorpeThe One Planet Life is a full-colour, profusely illustrated how-to book covering everything you need to know to set up and run a one planet development. It is a detailed manual for:

  • how to select and find land;
  • write a management plan;
  • evaluate and manage the land;
  • build a zero energy home;
  • grow food or rear stock;
  • set up renewable energy supplies;
  • source fresh water and process wastewater;
  • and much more.

It contains 20 case studies and ideas for running a land-based business. It is written by a patron of the One Planet Council, David Thorpe, and includes a Foreword and Afterword by the ex-Welsh Environment Minister Jane Davidson, who is also our patron and who steered the One Planet Development policy into law.

It has 438 pages and 382 full colour pages.

“An encyclopaedia covering just about everything practical” – The Land magazine.

One Planet Life flier“Rating: 5 out of 5. A very well written book that covers every conceivable aspect. Should be in the armory and on the bookshelves of those of us who work on the creation of a new society. What we need are one planet living communities and individual developments, and not just in the countryside. This book, I am sure, can help all of those of us who are working on creating such changes in the minds of planners and government.” – Michael Smith, Green (Living) Review (incorporating The HOMESTEADER, Forestry Review, Ethical Living Review, Parks & Open Spaces, and Allotment Garden & Smallholding Review) 

You can buy a copy here. If you click on the US flag you will obtain UK prices. One Planet Council members are entitled to a discount on the full price. To obtain this, go through the online purchase process on the publisher’s website, and when asked for a discount code, input DC361.