Support Services for Applicants


Help for all aspects of a One Planet Development project – land assessment, legal and planning application, support with building and infrastructure. All the following are willing to give a free initial consultation:

Aderyn Ecology

A consultancy set up by Paddy Jenks in Pembrokeshire dedicated to wildlife conservation and research. Paddy has more than 30 years’ experience as a field ecologist, and has a thorough understanding of the ecology-related requirements of the local planning authorities. Due to a wish to support the conservation benefits that typically result from consented OPD sites, a special discounted price is always quoted, and an initial site visit to give early advice is offered free of charge. For further information on the ecological considerations of OPD applications please see the Aderyn ecology website.

David Thorpe

Consultant and author of The One Planet Life, the manual of One Planet Development and runs courses and The One Planet Life website. He can advise on most aspects of your quest to be sustainable, and the Practice Guidance, and is particularly knowledgable on sustainable building and renewable energy, being the author of many books and articles on the subject, and involved in the pilot project to create Wales’ first ‘one planet’ neighbourhood in Carmarthenshire.
 07901 925671


Home to James Shorten and Bill Knight, the main authors of the OPD Practice Guidance and experts in rural planning, permaculture, small-scale agriculture and ecological design and construction. TPG offers impartial, expert advice on OPD covering all aspects of the Practice Guidance. We assist with Management Plans, provide independent appraisals of them to support applications, assess potential OPD sites and act as planning advisors for applications and appeals, and have already helped many existing OPDs. We have also appraised OPD applications for Carmarthenshire Council.

Of greatest importance to us is that proposals meet the detailed requirements of OPD and that the potential of this ground-breaking approach to rural development can be fulfilled through genuine, well thought and justified proposals. We are working to transition the policy to England too.
07726 362709

Keith Burgess

I am able to offer consultancy support for OPD Practitioners and prospective OPD ers concentrating on finding the right land, land management, bio diversity, use of land for people and wildlife, plot design, land based business. Support with management plans and annual monitoring are also on offer.

Ecological Impact Reduction Service is also now available either face to face or online please contact:

I run an OPD at Hafan y coed, Pembrokeshire and continue my occasional work with wildlife and conservation bodies across South and West Wales. Formerly I ran a 40 acre sustainable eco retreat just North of Llandovery, balancing people and wildlife and have gained extensive practical experience over the years which i am enthusiastic to share.

Keith Burgess B.A.(Hons), Countryside Mgt Dip.

Landsker Ecology – Den Vaughan

I run a small independent consultancy with deep roots in nature conservation and research fieldwork, with over 25 years’ experience in a broad range of ecological surveys throughout the UK and in the local area. I have specialist knowledge and qualifications in bird, bat and dormouse surveys and have been a full-time consultant with Landsker Ecology and Biodiversity Solutions, since 2010. Organisations I have worked for include RSPB, Edward Grey Institute (Oxford Univ.), Central Science Laboratory (DEFRA), Wildlife Trust SW Wales, British Trust for Ornithology. I am based in Maenclochog, Pembrokeshire and work primarily within Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

I have very positive relationships with the county planning ecologists and the regional Natural Resources Wales team, and a thorough understanding of local planning policies that concern ecological matters. My experience has also given me a strong working knowledge of protected species and habitats legislation for when the need arises. My commitment to sustainability extends to discounted rates for OPD related work and initial consultations are free.
01437 532580 / 07815 166735

Mark Waghorn Design

An architectural practice based near Llandeilo, South West Wales, lead by architect Mark Waghorn. The company provides a range of architectural and project management services for all stages of a project, from feasibility through to completion on site. Its approach to design is based on a desire to care for the immediate and wider environment, using available materials and resources responsibly for the benefit of future generations. Mark Waghorn has a particular interest in helping those living low impact lives in rural areas and sees One Planet principles and the OPD policy as opportunities to demonstrate the benefits of a rural model of sustainable living to a wider public.

Mark Waghorn  MA Diparch ARB RIBA
01558 822009

Matt Sutton, Ecologist

A highly experienced ecological surveyor well placed to carry out the ‘Preliminary Ecological Assessment’ and any follow on survey work required for OPD planning applications across Wales. Based in Pembrokeshire he is also – amongst other things – a farmer, beekeeper, roundhouse builder, green-roofer and supplier of locally-harvested wildflower meadow seed. As an owner of a SSSI, he is well placed to advice on conservation management of OPD land, such as conservation grazing regimes and grants that may be available. Significantly discounted rates apply to One Planet surveys, and free initial advice is given.

07870 515942

Matthew Watkinson, (OPD practitioner, Veterinary Surgeon and extreme upcycling enthusiast)

I am an OPD practitioner (Beeview Farm/Golwg Y Gwenyn) and off-grid pioneer and I can help design and build One Planet Developments and other off-grid living systems. I can assess land prior to or after purchase, I can tell you what is, what’s not and what may be possible,I can help develop low-intensity livestock enterprises, I can teach you how to make almost anything out of old barrels and IBC tanks and I can recommend experts and trades people when I don’t know.I can also show you how we’ve done it (on site or via the internet) so you can see what’s possible in practice as well as theory. For £15/hour I can give you practical, tailored advice that will ensure your project is as successful as possible.


Michael Howlett

I offer assistance with site layouts, house design, planning and building regulations applications, Visual Impact Assessments, Zero-carbon materials assessments based on CfSH, SuDS calculations / applications to SABs and various other bits and pieces. I have extensive experience working with both “mainstream” and natural materials.

07826 705493

Nerina (or Nina) Vaughan

Offers a range of technical architectural services from sustainable building design, production of planning, building regulations and construction drawings and simple structural and thermal calculations. She worked in an architectural practice for 10 years and has a particular interest in designing small, off grid, affordable spaces.
She charges £15 per hour (open to negotiation) and lives near Machynlleth but can work via email and travels to South Wales regularly.
01654 761248

Oakey Electrical

Rob Oakey specialises in Low impact, off-grid, OPD electrical installations. An experienced (fully qualified and certified) electrician with an interest in Low Impact building and living. I have recently worked on an off-grid electrical system in a three bedroom timber-framed strawbale house near Whitland, Carmarthenshire. This consisted of a 24v DC lighting system in parallel with an inverter driven 230v AC circuits for sockets and oven, etc. If you are looking for an electrician to meet your projects needs then I’d be happy to discuss them with you. I can offer whole system design and implementation or can collaborate with you on your own ideas. I live in Newtown (mid Wales) but would be willing to travel to other areas.
07920 260179

Paul Jennings

Holds a Diploma of Permaculture Design and has twenty years experience in sustainable land use and low impact living. Paul has worked in commercial organic agriculture at all scales from walled gardens to large farms both as a head grower and designer, and also in ecological building. He offers design advice on all aspects of permaculture design and sustainable land use including business planning and establishment. Based in Whitland, Carmarthenshire.

Raven Roundwood Timber Frames

Specialise in roundwood timber frames for all types of structures ranging from compost toilets to full 2-story houses, with over 13 years of extensive experience in irregular and polygonal ’roundhouse’ style structures with reciprocal roofs, as well as more conventional structures. Based in West Carmarthenshire, they operate from an 80 acre oak coppice, but also take on frames using Larch or Douglas Fir. Lead framer Ben Duckworth is able to liaise with architects and structural engineers to bring projects into reality. He is experienced at a range of practices: construction and delivery of full frames, running tutorial and practical workshops on site with groups of volunteers or students, or simply offering expert advice and consultation by the hour. Raven Roundwood prioritise using locally sourced timber and traditional joinery techniques to create durable, beautiful, strong, timber framed structures.

Ben Duckworth

Rob Embleton

West Wales based plasterer with 30 yrs experience in the building trade and 15 yrs experience in Lime mortars and plasters. Achieving smooth fine finishes for restoration and new build, the finishes would work equally well on clay type plasters. Also, I can provide tuition and advice for those who want to learn themselves.
01239 698479

RS Planning & Research Ltd

Independent planning consultancy based in both Sheffield and Shepton Mallet, UK, which specialises in One Planet Development (Wales), Low Impact Development (England), rural enterprise/workers development, and Lawful Development Certificates. RS offers services including pre-application advice, site assessments, planning applications, planning appeals, and policy research. For more information please contact us on the details below.

Dr Simon Ruston MRTPI – (07967 308752)
Nick Soucek – (07983 719192)

Rhian Lewis, Independent Transport Planner

Rhian Lewis (CMILT) is an experienced Transport Planner with over 16 years experience in both the public and private sector. She has prepared numerous Transport Assessments, Transport Statements, Design and Access Statements and Travel Plans to support planning applications on behalf of clients across the UK. She has excellent insight into what Local Authorities require as part of the Transport element of gaining planning consent having reviewed and advised on many planning applications for both Local Authorities and Highways Agency. Rhian’s specialism is Sustainable Travel Planning. As part of her MSC at the Institute of Transport Studies at Leeds University she focused her dissertation on the key motivations that achieve sustained changes in transport behaviour. Rhian is based in Carmarthenshire and is originally from Ceredigion.

Rhian Lewis

Sara Tommerup, Energy Assessor

Energy assessments (SAP) for new OPD buildings.
Mobile: 07597231371
We offer assessment discounts especially for OPD’s.


Specialises in the design and construction of natural buildings. We can help with building design, Planning and Building Regulations applications and specialist reports such as Visual Impact Assessments and Code for Sustainable Homes materials assessments among other things. We also run natural building courses and workshops on site, focusing mainly on straw bale building (load-bearing / infill / wrap), cement free foundations,  and making and applying clay plasters, lime and lime stabilised clay renders.

Bee Rowan: 07736 904186

Tao Paul Wimbush

Offers a range of support services for OPD applicants ranging from advice on finding the right land, navigating the planning system, writing a management plan, natural building design and drawings for planning applications. He is the co-founder of the Lammas Ecovillage in Pembrokeshire and has a wealth of experience in One Planet Development applications.

TY PREN – Roundwood Timber framing and construction

 is perfectly suited to building frames for homes and buildings which meet the stringent criteria of One Planet Development. We are passionate about building sustainably and the use of timber in the round. Round wood timber, sourced from local Welsh woodland, has superior structural strength that meets the requirements of building regulations, while also helping to ensure a truly sustainable project. Ty Pren can provide frame drawings which match the house that you’ve designed. This is your project, we’ll work with you and your ideas to create a frame work that’s designed to meet your requirements. Consultation services, courses and training are available. Visit our website for full details.

Jamie Miller
07530 832356

V3 Power

A workers’ coop specialising in DIY renewable energy systems. We run courses around the country teaching people to build small wind turbines (200W – 2kW) and we often have a surplus of turbines that are looking for homes. We want to get these turbines generating electricity so are looking for people who would be interested in hosting a turbine or buying them from us at cost price. The turbine is designed by Hugh Piggott and is robust and easily maintained. We have installed many of these turbines and are happy and keen to discuss any queries.

Jack Howe
07969 783353

Welsh Coop Centre

Offers free advisory service for legal structure and setting up co-ops or community land trusts. Managed by Dave Palmer. If an OPD has multiple dwellings he feels it should be managed by a trust or co-op. Additional businesses might have their own legal structure. Initial questions with regard to the choice of an appropriate legal form for an OPD are:

  1. Are they leaseholders, or tenants?
  2. How is the land to be owned if they are leaseholders?
  3. A Co-operative Society cannot have a statutory asset lock (although it can have a members’ asset lock i.e. common ownership dissolution clause).
  4. A Community Interest Company (CIC) or a Community Benefit Society (CBS) can, as can a Community Land Trust (CLT).  A CBS would have to show benefit to the community as well as to members.
  5. Would there be other stakeholders involved in governance?

They are happy to visit OPD sites/groups. See Also read this one-pager on Co-op housing (PDF) and download an Enquiry-Form (Word doc).

A family-run business with the aim of conserving British woodland by helping individuals and families buy their own woodlands to enjoy and to look after. We have woodland and some grassland (all of it owned by available for sale across England and Scotland as well as Wales. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Jon Snape (North Wales) 
Tamsin and Matt Brown (West and South Wales)