Pembrokeshire OPD features on Channel 4’s Grand Designs


Simon and Jasmine Dale’s low impact smallholding, located within the Lammas Eco village in Glandwr, Pembrokeshire, has just featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

Their beautiful energy efficient dwelling, was self-designed and built with the help of volunteers for only £27,000. A remarkably achievement when you consider that a regular self-built home of similar size and spec would normally cost at least six times this much.

Presenter Kevin McCloud says: “You might think this is just a bunch of hippies having fun on the side of a hill in Wales, but this is a research project and enshrined in government policy.” He is “in awe” of the couple and their house, which is:  “21st-century in its comforts” and concludes: “It’s not just an example of how we could and should live, this is a clarion call.”

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The Dale’s family home and smallholding was granted planning permission under Pembrokeshire’s policy 22, a forerunner and template for Wales’s national One Planet Development (OPD) policy. OPD supports low impact living and is open to anyone interested. For further information see the One Planet Council’s website