OPD Fundraiser


A callout from the One Planet Council


If you have been supported by the OPC with your application, if you enjoyed the Open Week, if you appreciated the Review of One Planet Development and the tireless voluntary efforts that members of the One Planet community have been putting in to make One Planet Development effective, true to the spirit of the policy, and accessible to a wider range of people….

Now is your chance to help us! We have reduced our bank account past zero to make the Review a professional and credible document and we have so many MORE plans to take One Planet Development further. We have operated on a shoestring but in order to take things further we need to have at least a minimum operating budget to work with, otherwise committee members are paying for everything from their own pocket. We have never had any grant funding and all OPC positions are voluntary and unpaid.

Please take a look at our crowdfunder and, if you have cash to spare, do make a contribution. We appreciate everything hugely. Of course if you are struggling yourself there is no need to offer a donation but please do share our campaign on social media to help it reach people with deeper pockets. THANK YOU and DIOLCH YN FAWR.