Advice To Potential Applicants


When exploring the possibility of One Planet Development, a good place to start is by looking through the various pages on this website, especially Approved Applications and Support Services

We also recommend the following:

Joining the One Planet Council Facebook page. This is a well moderated forum for finding useful information and receiving news of related events.

Visiting as many OPDs as possible during the annual Open Week details of which are published on this website and publicised through the Facebook page

Familiarising yourself with the official OPD Practice Guidance

Volunteering on one or more OPDs to get a real sense of whether or not this way of life is for you. Volunteer opportunities are sometimes publicised on the Facebook page, Or make contact with an OPD directly to see if they need assistance.

Taking part in one of the OPD training courses, run each year by those living on OPDs and advertised on the Facebook page