One Planet Development and the Well-Being of Future Generations Act


The One Planet Council has created a simple briefing sheet that outlines how One Planet Development is supported by the Well-Being of Future Generations Act – and vice versa.

It sets out the benefits of One Planet Developments in the Welsh legislative context.

It summarises the planning policy and identifies – in the goals of the Well-Being Of Future Generations Act and other relevant Welsh legislation – the aims of public bodies that may be assisted by supporting One Planet Developments.

It finishes by presenting some conclusions and recommendations.

The chief recommendations are:

  1. One Planet Developments should be supported and encouraged as part of a process to help satisfy the long term aims of the WBFGA & Environment Act.
  2. Training should be offered in One Planet Development skills and techniques. Current training does not make landworkers sufficiently aware of the benefits of such practice.
  3. More demonstration farms and smallholdings are required, particularly those practising One Planet Development, where such practices can be witnessed.
  4. The principle of One Planet Development should be extended to urban and peri-urban areas, and pilot projects should be supported on the edge of or even within existing sejlements to extend the policy towards mainstream acceptance.
  5. One Planet Development planning assessments could be progressively applied to all new developments to encourage developers into line with the long term aims of the legislation.
  6. One Planet Development land management practice could be integrated with the voluntary agri-environment schemes now funded under Pillar II of the CAP and the Glastir Advanced scheme, which trials approaches to incentivise land management interventions that help reduce run-off with the aim of rolling out measures across Wales.
  7. With the help of One Planet Development, Welsh agriculture could offer more mixed farming, market gardening, woodland and other land-based, value added production and more jobs.
  8. We call for a government funded review of the transferability of One Planet Living practices.

You can download the briefing sheet here.