Open Week 2021


This year we are again organising an Open Week when One Planet Developments across Wales open their doors to let you take a look around.  The schedule for the week and booking details are below, but please read this page in full before booking.

What you need to know 

Booking is required for all cars intending to park on site, and places are limited. Please do not arrive by car if you have not confirmed the availability of parking. The cost per tour is also indicated below. Kindly respect residents’ privacy and generosity by staying with the tour, supervising children at all times, keeping dogs on leads, and requesting permission before taking photographs. It would be appreciated if you could arrive promptly as late arrivals may disrupt or miss the tour.

One Planet Developments are also required to minimise traffic impacts: please car share where possible (use the Facebook event page to offer or request lifts) and this will also maximise the numbers able to attend. Please bring weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear.

Toilet facilities in general are composting loos, of various levels of sophistication. If you have any accessibility requirements please get in touch before visiting.

Some plots may have produce to sell or offer light refreshments so do bring enough cash for that as well as to pay for the tour.

 We do not yet know what the Covid regulations in Wales will be at the time of the Open Week, but tours will be out of doors and we expect the risk to be low.

You must follow any legal requirements still in force.

Schedule and booking details

10am: Coed Talylan
Coed Talylan is a 70 acre woodland on the western edge of the Brecon Beacons. The first OPD plot received permission in December 2019 and the site is currently being developed to construct the dwelling using timber from the woodland. During the tour you will see the wood workshop and mushroom growing activities, the off-grid energy installations, the mushroom laboratory, the garden areas and a fungal foray into the woodland!

10am: Hafan y Coed
Hafan y coed is an Agroforestry holding started in 2017, specialising in Food forest and Pollinator plants from the nursery and commercial perennial food crops, straw bale house.

1pm: Gelli y Gafel
Our project began as a Forest Garden in 2011 and has developed into an OPD smallholding. We have a self-built workshop and are just beginning our house build.
Our land based businesses are diverse but based around foraging wild foods, woodcrafts, wine making and shepherding.

10am: Pencoed
Pencoed is a 12.6 acre farm with meadows, woodland, ponds and wetland. Our activities include no till vegetable and orchard fruit growing, basketry, bee keeping
and timber based craft products grown and harvested onsite. We have just completed our off-grid family home which is a timber framed and clad structure with straw bale walls, green roof porch and cold store, verandah.

1pm: Bryn y Blodau
A small roundhouse nestled on the hill, fruit trees, pumpkins and wild bees… Come along and enjoy the view, sit a while in the stone circle too.., Pls park in Steiner school car park and walk up the hill.. Look for sign that says “Family camp”.

1pm: Beeview Farm
Beeview Farm is an OPD in North Pembrokeshire granted planning permission in 2016. We are stupidly passionate about edible landscapes, harnessing the power of biology and making stuff out of scrapheap junk (including our house). We also sell eggs and honey and grow plenty of food on some of the worst agricultural land in Britain

10am: Parc yr Odyn
Parc yr Odyn is in its first year and we are currently building our house (straw bale passive house) and ancillary buildings. We keep bees and produce fermented vegetables, salads and plants for sale.

1pm: Maes Melangell
Our plot is 11 years old and includes a range of coppice, field, orchard and gardens. We keep goats and poultry, and produce blueberries and hazelnuts.



10am: Green Apple
Timber house , wood fired shower visitor facility , orchard, woodland, fruit veg , yoga dance and meditation. Contributions as you wish.

1pm: Dan y Berllan, Swn y Coed, Ty Gwennol
Rhiw Las is a group of four OPD smallholdings granted planning permission in 2016. You’ll meet residents from Ty Gwennol (oat milk business, load-bearing straw bale house), Dan Y Berllan (poultry, bees, orchard and heritage seed, timber frame straw bale house) and Swn y Coed (vegetable boxes, salads, log cabin house).

1pm: Willow Farm, TOUR CANCELLED – Due to unforeseen circumstances – Sorry!

11am: Baradwys
Baradwys is a single OPD smallholding of a family of 4 people. Our planning permission was granted in 2019 after a delay, due to a rare butterfly’s habitat was discovered. We are working with NRW (National Resources Wales) to preserve this habitat (it’s status is SSSI). We recently moved onto our plot in April 2021 so it is a great site visit to see the early stages and for information on marrying up SSI sites with OPD.

1pm: Twiscob Top
Twiscob Top is a 17 acre site in its second year as an OPD. Our house is based on Mark Waghorn’s One Planet Caravan design and we are working towards establishing a bush fruit and tree nursery. Early days here and still lots to do but please feel free to come and ask questions.

Health and safety
We will note on the web page that all guests must follow any legal covid requirements on the day of the event. If you stay out of doors there should be no difficulty.  We suggest you begin with a quick explanation at the beginning of the tour, noting anything relevant such as toilet arrangements, any building site hazards, animals to avoid, etc.